We’re Hitched…..FINALLY

Richard and I were together on and off for 19 years before we got married and living together for four of those. I’d already survived several rounds of bad relationships, single parenthood, financial difficulties, etc.

At a certain point (maybe around four years in), the questions start to arise from friends and family shifted from, “So, when are you two getting married?” to “Why bother? If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” That was the point at which I realized maybe we’d waited a little too long.

Wait, did I just say we waited too long to get married? Is that even possible? Well….at that four-year point, it felt like if we hadn’t gotten married yet, it was because we didn’t want to — not just that we hadn’t gotten around to it. I suppose these fears aren’t completely unjustified. Afterall, we only dated 8 months during our early dating days. We communicated throughout the years and in 2013 we decided to give each other a second chance. After four years of dating and living together, we tied the knot on December 15, 2017…. after 19 years of waiting.