6 Week Branding Training + Facebook Ads Marketing


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In this six week training, I will cover the topics below…….


-How to clean your page (Facebook & Instagram)

-What is your personal brand and how to beautify it

-How to get people to actually buy your stuff and what content to post to start going viral

-Social media sales formula (How to make sales on social media)

-Newsfeed visibility formula (How to make things appear in the newsfeed – Facebook)

-Five practical steps to increase your branding on social media


Topics covered:

-10 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

-The 8 Most Effective Ways To Market On Facebook

-The Top 10 Benefits Of Meditation

-Facebook Group Marketing

-Influencer Page Outreach

-Paid Page Boost Campaign

-Paid Traffic Campaigns

-Paid Lead Generation Campaigns

-Facebook Pixel Retargeting Campaign

-How To Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns



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