Who We Are

Keeping It A Thousand was initially founded in 2005 under the name “Solo Enterprises” and was later changed to “Granted Limitations”. The founder/CEO is Tasha Drummond-Aye, a legally blind African-American with a passion for purpose. Keeping It A Thousand is an affiliate marketing site with a personal touch. Its motto is: mixing business with pleasure….on purpose.

CEO & Founder

My name is Tasha Drummond-Aye. I’m an entrepreneur, a marketing associate, and the founder/CEO of Keeping It A Thousand. My specialty is marketing. I’ve been working from home on and off since 2005 but did not become really serious about it until 2016.  Despite being legally blind, I have managed to accomplish many things that most people thought I couldn’t, including running a sole proprietor business from the comfort of my home. I’m a down-to-earth type of person. Everyone knows they can count on me because I’m always eager to help and I offer solutions. Somehow I seem to always know what to do. Despite the fact that I usually live in my own little world, I’m pretty practical. My personal approach to life is generally inspirational to all that I meet. I’m big on “chemistry.” I either share it with someone or I don’t, and there’s no in between. People can really tell I have a zest for life. As a result of this, I tend to be outgoing and friendly in social settings & people sometimes consider me the life of the party. But deep down inside, I’m actually very reserved when it comes to my true feelings. With the right person or situation, the real romantic in me starts to emerge. I don’t like huge public displays of affection. When I’m really into someone, I prefer my feelings be kept just between us two, because it’s more special that way. It’s that most important person in my life who knows just how passionate I really can be. As for everyone else, well, what they don’t know can’t hurt them. I have spunk, style, and charisma like no other! Cool drinks, good friends, and a warm summer breeze off the Atlantic Ocean are all I need to be completely content. I may not realize my full potential until I’m a bit older, but I know for sure that if I put my mind to it, I can do absolutely anything.