Sometimes you need to read quotes on abusive relationships to enable you to know the consequences of unhealthy, toxic, and abusive relationships. Having known these things will help you to take a firm decision about your partner who has been maltreating you.

Here are some quotes on abusive relationships that will help and guide you in the journey of love.

The quotes about toxic and abusive relationships will make other people accept their worth and live a healthier and happier life.

A relationship is meant to give you happiness, joy, hope, and make you laugh. It is never to make you feel sorrowful, hurt, or cry.

Many people pretend to be happy in a relationship, but they are not. They wait until it finally destroys them.

It is ideal to move away from the person who belittles, manipulates, humiliates, blames, curses, disrespects, ridicules, screams, and controls you without giving you any freedom. You must understand your partner in a relationship.

Sometimes you need to understand the basic principles of happiness, which are commitment and true love between you and your partner. If you feel you will be happier if you stay alone, you should go separate ways to avoid hurting yourself.

Sometimes it is good to forgive those who insult you, disrespect you, belittle you, attack you, or make jest of you.

No matter what a woman does, it is not ideal or normal to hit a woman.

A relationship is like a glass. You should allow it to get broken rather than hurt yourself while trying to fix it back.

Anyone that sets boundaries for you mean that person doesn’t love you. It is a sign of slavery’s form of relationship.

Someone that gets upset with you always is not fit to be in a relationship.

Anyone that treats you like you are a worthless item or gift does not deserve to be with you. You should move on without such a person.

Some people are not worthy of being in your life. You should let go of them before they destroy your life.

Being alone is better than staying in a toxic and dangerous relationship that can ruin your destiny.

Life is too short to allow someone to steal your joy and happiness.

Take a bold step today and get out of that abusive and toxic relationship that didn’t give you joy for a single day.

The joy, happiness, and goals in your heart will determine how far you will go in life, but if you find yourself in an abusive relationship, you aren’t going anywhere.

It is better to quit an abusive relationship than to pay with the irredeemable price of your life.

In conclusion, relationships should be enjoyable, blissful, and happier. Any relationship that seems too hard for you to bear is becoming abusive and toxic. Above all, forgive them for giving them the chance or opportunity to hurt you. May you find someone your heart desires that will love you for who you are.