Learning how to understand and appreciate the individuals that you work with is a key part of respect in the workplace. You can read about the importance of inclusion and the pitfalls of unintentional discrimination here.

You will not be able to avoid diversity, so how do you learn to appreciate it?

The first step may be to explore your own biases and obstacles. Learning who you are will help you accept others with different viewpoints and ideas. Change is hard. However, the long-term benefits of realizing that everyone brings something different to the table will challenge you to think more creatively. This skill set will be recognized by employers and will increase your value to them.

One of the best and simplest ways to become aware of the diversity that your team has is through engaging with your colleagues. Talk with them, and show an interest in finding out who they are and how they think. This does not mean that you should cross the line of appropriate workplace relationships. This means you should be open to how your coworkers think.