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Spiritual Hunger and Thirst

Having a spiritual hunger and thirst for Jesus is important if we are to know the reality of eating His flesh and drinking His blood. But what if we have no hunger or thirst? What if we already feel satisfied with what we have? In life, if we had no want for food and drink, we would soon die. Amen. The same is true spiritually. If we are unaware of our vital need for Christ, His bread and wine, His flesh and blood, His word and Spirit, His nature and life, we will also die spiritually. Amen. You see, knowing our continual need of Jesus is important to our spiritual life. Jesus wants us to hunger and thirst for Him, and if we are willing, He will make it happen. Amen. He will fulfill His word and work in us to genuinely desire and hunger for Him. In doing His work, the Spirit of God will reveal to us our current spiritual condition and expose the depth of our need for Jesus. As we recognize our lack, the Spirit will form in our hearts a real passion for Christ. Amen. Then, when we truly hunger for Jesus, we can come to Him and He will satisfy our need. Jesus will invite us to commune (eat) with Him. I challenge all of you to let go….Amen….& let God. It’s never too late to give yourself to Jesus. Fill your faith with the love of God. Let God into your life. Let God use you.

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  1. This is inspirational. It is a duty of every Christians to work on their faith irrespective of the post you hold in church, but what matters most is our ability to relate with God and do His will accordingly. May God help us all to do God’s will to the end of our lives in Jesus name – Amen.


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