Just because a pastor lays his/her hands on you, baptizes you, and tells you that you are saved DOES NOT mean you are saved. A TRULY saved person is saved because JESUS has touched their hearts, minds, and souls. When you are REALLY saved, you FEEL different, ACT different, WALK and TALK different. You do EVERYTHING different. Why? Because when you repent to God and sacrifice EVERYTHING you have ever done to get closer to Jesus, you are allowing God to take charge. And when He takes control of your life, He comes in and starts rearranging things. The first thing He does is He takes out the OLD and replaces it with the NEW. You will start noticing differences in yourself AND your life. After awhile, those who know you will start noticing how you are changing, too. Some are going to talk behind your back; but, that’s ok. Let them. They will be alright. You just keep serving God and do what is right. STOP LETTING THE DEVIL USE YOU! Let go and let God. Let GOD use you. Let GOD bless you. Judgement Day is coming. ARE YOU READY?